Buttermilk Ski Resort United States

Seeking a ski destination with stunning views and diverse dining? Look no further than Buttermilk Ski Resort in the US.

From the awe-inspiring Pyramid Peak to the delectable Asian dishes at Cliffhouse, this resort has it all.

Whether you’re a beginner tackling freestyle terrain or an expert enjoying events like the Uphill Breakfast Club, Buttermilk caters to all.

With a rich history and endless activities, Buttermilk is a must-visit gem for all ski enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways

  • Efficient lift system caters to all levels of skiers
  • Diverse terrain and activities for enhanced skiing experience
  • Rich history and hosting of X Games
  • Ideal visit from late December to early April

Overview of Buttermilk Ski Resort

ski resort in colorado

Buttermilk Ski Resort boasts a unique lift system that efficiently transports skiers and snowboarders across its varied terrain.

The resort’s lifts provide access to all levels of slopes, from beginner-friendly to challenging runs.

This feature enhances the overall skiing experience at Buttermilk.

Buttermilk’s Unique Lift System

Buttermilk Ski Resort has 8 lifts, including 3 high-speed quad chairs, 1 double chair, and 4 surface/ski school lifts.

The Summit Express lift serves the main Buttermilk trails, the West Buttermilk Express is great for beginners, and the Tiehack Express lift offers access to advanced and intermediate terrain.

These lifts ensure fast and convenient transportation for all guests.

The Hideout at Buttermilk also adds a family-friendly touch with its play-and-learning area for young ski school children.

Snow Report Buttermilk Ski Resort

fresh powder at buttermilk

Interested in the current snow conditions at Buttermilk Ski Resort?

Get ready to check out the latest snow report which includes the current snow levels and the upcoming snow forecast.

Stay informed about the skiing conditions so you can make the most of your time on the slopes at Buttermilk Ski Resort.

Current Snow Conditions in Buttermilk Ski Resort

The recent snowfall at Buttermilk Ski Resort has left the slopes covered in fresh powder, perfect for smooth carving and turns.

The terrain park offers well-groomed jumps, rails, and boxes for freestyle enthusiasts.

With diverse terrain including open bowls and tree-lined trails, skiers and snowboarders can enjoy a variety of experiences to enhance their skills and have fun.

Snow Forecast for Buttermilk Ski Resort

Check the snow forecast before heading to Buttermilk Ski Resort for updated conditions. It’s crucial for your skiing or snowboarding experience. With an average annual snowfall of 200 inches, staying updated ensures you’re ready for any conditions.

Pay special attention to Tiehack for diverse terrain suitable for all skill levels. Monitoring the forecast, especially for Tiehack, helps you make the most of your time on the slopes and enjoy Buttermilk’s varied skiing opportunities.

Ski Resort

You’re about to discover fascinating details about Buttermilk Ski Resort, including its location, history, and the majestic mountains that make up this renowned skiing destination.

Get ready to explore the rich heritage and breathtaking scenery that have shaped Buttermilk into a beloved ski resort in Colorado, known for its diverse terrain and exceptional facilities.

From the resort’s inception to the present day, each aspect contributes to the unique charm and allure of Buttermilk Ski Resort.

Resort Location

Buttermilk Ski Resort is located in Pitkin County, Colorado, nestled between Aspen and Snowmass Village.

It offers a vertical range from 2399 meters to 3018 meters, with slopes catering to all skill levels: 35% easy, 39% intermediate, and 26% difficult.

Visitors can easily explore Aspen and Highlands Village, both within 5 kilometers, for a charming après-ski experience.

History of Buttermilk Ski Resort

Buttermilk Ski Resort opened in 1958 with one T-bar lift. In 1985, it introduced snowboarding trials on the Tiehack side.

The resort is renowned for hosting the X Games, attracting top athletes. Its rich history is preserved by the Aspen Historical Society.

Buttermilk offers exceptional freestyle terrain and is family-friendly.

Mountains in Buttermilk Ski Resort

Buttermilk Ski Resort’s mountains in the US offer diverse terrain with slopes for all skill levels.

With a vertical drop of 2,030 feet, thrill-seekers can enjoy exciting descents.

Features like terrain parks, freestyle options, and long runs cater to skiers and snowboarders, providing ample opportunities to enhance their skills.

Trails in Buttermilk Ski Resort

When hitting the slopes at Buttermilk Ski Resort, you’ll find a variety of trails catering to different skill levels. Beginner trails make up 35%, intermediate 39%, and advanced 26%.

The resort also features terrain parks with jumps and rails for freestyle enthusiasts looking to showcase their skills.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, Buttermilk offers a diverse and exciting terrain to explore on skis or a snowboard.

Trail Level Breakdown

At Buttermilk Ski Resort, the trail breakdown is 35% easy, 39% intermediate, and 26% advanced. This variety caters to all skill levels:

  1. Beginner-Friendly: 35% easy trails are ideal for beginners to practice and gain confidence.
  2. Intermediate Challenges: 39% intermediate trails offer a mix of challenges for skill progression.
  3. Thrilling Advanced Trails: 26% advanced trails provide steep slopes and obstacles for an exhilarating experience.

Terrain Park Jumps & Rails

Buttermilk Ski Resort’s Terrain Park features jumps, rails, and boxes for freestyle skiers and snowboarders of all levels. It caters to beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders with varying levels of difficulty.

The park offers a creative playground to practice and showcase skills, making it a must-visit for those looking to push their limits in freestyle skiing or snowboarding.

General Information

specific details captured well

Let’s talk about the key points related to Buttermilk Ski Resort’s general information.

You’ll find details on the operating schedule, discounted season passes, chairlift scenic views, and the huts and mountain restaurants available.

Operating Schedule

Buttermilk Ski Resort in the US operates from December to April, offering night skiing, 100% terrain coverage with snowmaking, and high-altitude skiing at 9,900 feet on Buttermilk Mountain Ski.

Plan your winter visit to enjoy these unique features and enhance your skiing experience.

Discounted Season Passes

Unlock unlimited winter fun at Buttermilk Mountain with discounted season passes for adults, teens, and children. Enjoy exclusive savings on skiing and snowboarding access all season long.

Save on dining, retail, and more with a season pass. Invest now for maximum enjoyment and value this winter!

Chairlift Scenic Views

The chairlifts at Buttermilk Ski Resort offer stunning views of Pyramid Peak and the Colorado Rockies. Guests can capture amazing photos of snow-capped peaks and scenic landscapes while riding the chairlifts.

This unique perspective enhances the skiing or snowboarding experience, allowing visitors to appreciate the natural beauty of the area from a different vantage point. Enjoy the breathtaking views and add an extra touch of adventure to your time at Buttermilk.

Huts & Mountain Restaurants in Buttermilk Ski Resort

Discover unique dining experiences at Buttermilk Ski Resort. Options include the Cliffhouse, with views of Pyramid Peak, Buttermilk Mountain Lodge offering Asian cuisine and made-to-order dishes, and Full Moon Dinners for a special evening under the moon.

Join the Uphill Breakfast Club for a Friday morning skin up to Cliffhouse for breakfast. These spots offer diverse culinary adventures for guests enjoying mountain activities.

Best Time to Go to Buttermilk Ski Resort

The ideal time to visit Buttermilk Ski Resort is from late December to early April for optimal skiing conditions. January and February offer consistent snowfall and well-groomed slopes.

March provides longer days and potentially warmer weather, perfect for outdoor activities. Don’t miss the X Games Aspen in late January, a must-see event for winter sports enthusiasts and top athletes.

Plan your trip accordingly to maximize your Buttermilk ski experience!

Hotels near Buttermilk Ski Resort

convenient lodging by slopes

When planning your stay near Buttermilk Ski Resort, you’ll find a range of choices from slope-side accommodations to boutique lodging options.

The variety of hotels in Aspen and Highlands Village ensures you can select the perfect place for your ski vacation.

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of staying just a stone’s throw away from the slopes.

Slope-side Accommodations

When selecting a slope-side hotel near Buttermilk Ski Resort in Aspen, consider key factors like:

  • Ski-in/ski-out access for seamless skiing
  • Amenities such as hot tubs and spas
  • Scenic views of the mountains

These features ensure a convenient and enjoyable stay with easy access to skiing adventures and luxurious comforts.

Boutique Lodging Options

Consider The Inn at Aspen for ski-in/ski-out convenience near Buttermilk.

The Limelight Hotel Snowmass offers modern amenities and proximity to Buttermilk.

Hotel Aspen provides a cozy atmosphere with complimentary breakfast and shuttle service.

The St. Regis Aspen Resort offers luxury accommodations with ski valet services and a spa.

The Little Nell in Aspen is known for fine dining and upscale rooms near Buttermilk Ski Resort.

Night Activities near Buttermilk Ski Resort

When looking for night activities near Buttermilk Ski Resort, you can explore nightlife hotspots, enjoy après-ski dining options, and attend events like the Aspen Film Festival for a memorable evening experience.

Unwind after a day on the slopes by checking out the vibrant nightlife scene, trying out delicious dining choices, and immersing yourself in the cultural offerings of the area.

Make the most of your evenings near Buttermilk Ski Resort with these engaging options for a well-rounded vacation experience.

Nightlife Hotspots

Near Buttermilk Ski Resort in the US, check out these nightlife spots after skiing:

  1. Limelight Hotel in Aspen: Great for apres-ski vibes.
  2. Belly Up Aspen: Live music and late-night fun.
  3. Ajax Tavern: Trendy for cocktails and socializing.

These spots offer a mix of drinks, music, and socializing post-skiing. Explore Aspen’s lively nightlife near Buttermilk Ski Resort.

Après-Ski Dining Options

Discover diverse dining options near Buttermilk Ski Resort for a delicious post-ski culinary experience. Enjoy cozy meals at Bumps restaurant at the base of Buttermilk Mountain.

Try on-mountain menus catering to all tastes and unwind with après-ski drinks at the bars.

Experience unique full moon dinners and join the Uphill Breakfast Club for a special morning meal.

Aspen Film Festival

Experience the Aspen Film Festival near Buttermilk Ski Resort, showcasing independent films, documentaries, and international cinema.

Engage with filmmakers, actors, and experts, attend film discussions, screenings, and special events.

Explore diverse documentaries, independent films, and international cinema in the beautiful Aspen setting.

Enjoy a culturally enriching night activity option in the region.

Other Activities

Discover more to do at Buttermilk Ski Resort with winter snowshoeing adventures and holistic healing retreats.

These activities offer a unique way to explore the beautiful surroundings and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Get ready to experience a different side of Buttermilk beyond skiing and snowboarding.

Winter Snowshoeing Adventures

Snowshoeing at Buttermilk Ski Resort in the US offers trails for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced snowshoers. Rent snowshoes for self-guided exploration or join guided tours for a more immersive experience.

Explore remote mountain areas inaccessible by skiing for a unique winter perspective.

Holistic Healing Retreats

Experience holistic healing at Buttermilk Ski Resort with activities like meditation, yoga, and wellness workshops. Engage in energy healing, sound therapy, and mindfulness practices in the tranquil mountain setting.

These retreats aim to reduce stress and improve well-being through various holistic methods. Enjoy nature walks, snowshoeing, and guided hikes to complement your healing journey.

Find balance and inner peace at Buttermilk Ski Resort’s rejuvenating holistic retreats.


So whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills in the Terrain Park or a seasoned pro seeking a challenge on the slopes, Buttermilk Ski Resort in the United States has something for everyone.

With its breathtaking views, diverse dining options, and exciting activities, Buttermilk Mountain is sure to provide a memorable winter sports experience for all.

Don’t miss out on all that this legendary resort has to offer!

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